Visualisations are often a central part in communication of scientific content and information. They assist comprehensibility, memorability and thereby distribution and impact of information - be it in papers, posters or presentations.
Visuals I frequently create for customers: 
    Graphical/Visual abstracts based on manuscripts
    Figures for publications, grant applications or presentations
    Conference posters
    Cover illustrations for journals or websites
    Data visualisations (in R) based on your own data
    Design of brochures, leaflets, and other print material
    Logo design
    Science comics
Pricing: Due to the unique nature of each project, pricing varies with the project's scope. We will agree on a budget before starting the work.
An overview of the process:

1. Reach out to me.
Contact me and tell me about your ideas, the purpose of the illustration and when you need it. You can reach me through, +46 762593193 or contact me through the form here.
2. Let's discuss!
Depending on your needs, through email, a phone call, or virtual meeting. 
3. Project proposal
We will create a project outline based on your manuscript, ideas or sketches, taking into consideration the setting of use and the target audience (and - if relevant - the stated specifications of the journal that you selected). We decide on the type of visualisation, style, specifics such as end-use and file format, deadlines, and the costs. Once we are in agreement, the work can begin!
4. Feedback
We discuss the first draft; I will make modification and adjustments according to your wishes. Then I will prepare the final illustration.
5. Delivery
I will deliver the final product to you in your desired rasta file format, along with the invoice.
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