Courses & Workshops
I regularly teach courses and workshops in topics related to science visualisation, consisting of lectures and practical exercises on how to create scientific visualisations that clearly communicate the message. 
If you would like to invite me for teaching about science visualisation, please get in touch.
Examples of intended learning outcomes for a workshop
    Implement a structured design process for creating visualisations
    Apply design principles for creating visualisations with a clear message
    Create data visualisation that are aligned with limitations of visual perception, and make use of design principles for making results more accessible
    Analyse & revise existing visuals for improving readability
    Creating a graphical abstract
    Creating a better conference poster
    Using Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, prettify data charts, and compose figures for publication
    The science behind what makes visual communication effective (cognitive psychology & visual perception)
Biannual PhD course at Karolinska Institutet
In autumn and spring I teach a 2-week (3 ECTS) doctoral course ’Scientific Illustration and Data Visualisation’ at Karolinska Institutet (alternating on campus/online) that is free of charge (but limited to 20 participants). Link to course (5642)
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