Courses & Workshops
I regularly teach courses and workshops in topics related to visual science communication, consisting of lectures and practical exercises on how to create scientific visualisations that clearly communicate the message. 
If you would like to invite me for teaching a workshop or course, please get in touch.
Examples of intended learning outcomes for a workshop
   ☐ Implement a structured design process
   ☐ Apply design principles to clearly communicate your message
   ☐ Create data visualisation that facilitate direct and accurate understanding
   ☐ Analyse & revise existing visuals for improving readability
   ☐ Creating an effective graphical abstract
   ☐ Creating an effective conference poster
   ☐ Using Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, prettify data charts, and compose figures for publication
   ☐ Understand the science behind what makes visual communication effective (cognitive psychology & visual perception)
Biannual PhD course at Karolinska Institutet
In autumn and spring I teach a 2-week (3 ECTS) doctoral course ’Scientific Illustration and Data Visualisation’ at Karolinska Institutet (alternating on campus/online) that is free of charge (but limited to 20 participants). Link to course (5642), link to course evaluation VT24.

What course/workshop participants said:
“The person leading the workshop is extremely knowledgable and did a great job explaining in an engaging and interesting manner”
“Informative, clear and inspiring!”
“Very good format of the course, with lectures + time for practice in the afternoon. The illlustrator and r-studio files were excellent! All teachers were highly motivating & very nice to have the lectures recorded for viewing afterwards.”
“the instructor did a great job condensing a lot of information and concepts about graphic design in one-morning session. (..) it was very useful!”
“The tips on how to work with Adobe Illustrator was particularly helpful."
“definitely time well spent!!!”
“Very informative and insightful workshop. Meike was excellent.”
“Very interesting presentation covering many aspects of visual communication and design."
“Meike did a really good job teaching this course.”
“For me, this course was absolutely fantastic (...) and all the teachers were amazing!"
“Great speaker, really concrete and usable information. Very inspirational.”
“The Illustrator practices were excellent"
“I liked the time we had to practice, and the availability of Meike. I also liked the repetitions of some concepts in Meike's courses, a good way to remember the information”
“The Adobe Illustrator tutorial was very good"
"The tips and points of what we can do to make familiarise ourselves with the illustrator software was very nice. It was also very informative to have guest lecturers introducing different illustration methods (i.e., Mermaid and 3D visualisation). Learnt a lot, will definitely recommend to other people. Thank you to all the teachers!"​​​​​​​
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